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Release stress and tension with our most popular massage that uses long effleurage strokes to relax your tired muscles and transport you to a blissful state of mind. Swedish technique improves circulation and flexibility, oxygenating the blood while easing sore or tight muscles. Our experienced and fully licensed massage therapists will deliver the best therapeutic massage in New York City.

Benefits of a Swedish Massage at UWS:

Frequently Asked Questions About Swedish Massage at UWS:

1. What does a Swedish massage do?

A Swedish massage releases muscle tension that naturally accumulates throughout the day. This massage promotes relaxation and stress relief by easing the tension you store in your muscles.

2. What does a Swedish full body massage include?

A full-body Swedish massage includes the back, neck, legs, arms, hands, and feet. At the client’s request, a masseuse can also incorporate a calming head and scalp massage.