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The Hot Stone Massage at Upper West Spa incorporates smooth basalt river rocks, heated to 110-130° F. When applied to the skin, these hot stones help loosen tight muscles, which increases blood circulation and oxygenation. This process allows the massage therapist to release very tight muscles without causing discomfort.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage at Upper West Spa:

Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Stone Massages:

1. What does a hot stone massage do?

Studies indicate that Hot Stone Massages can reduce stress and anxiety, promote deep relaxation, and ease pain and tense muscles. For clients experiencing sleep disturbances and related conditions, massages can also promote healthier sleep patterns and improved quality of life.

2. Which is better: a Swedish massage or a hot stone massage?

For clients experiencing chronic pain, tense muscles, and overall discomfort, we often recommend a hot stone massage. At Upper West Side, our masseuses combine Swedish massage techniques with the power of hot stones to optimize the benefits of both treatments.