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Sensitive Oatmeal Facial

This facial is very popular among our clients who are prone to eczema and allergies. It is a very calming treatment that utilizes a high percentage, pharmaceutical-grade colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera, and oat oil to help soothe sensitive skin prone to eczema and allergies. We also incorporate gentle  Almond and Honey Exfoliant and 100% Organic Argan Oil. 

Benefits of the Sensitive Oatmeal Facial at Upper West Spa:

Frequently Asked Questions About the Sensitive Oatmeal Facial:

1. Can I use oatmeal on my face?

Yes, you can use oatmeal on your face. Oatmeal is a natural ingredient and does not contain any chemically processed or synthetic elements. It is soothing, calming, and can be used on infant skin.

2. Can oatmeal clog pores?

No, oatmeal does not clog pores. Oatmeal contains compounds called saponins, which act as natural cleansers and eliminate the dirt and oil that clog pores.

3. Is putting oatmeal products on your face good?

Yes! Oatmeal-based skincare products can decrease irritation, increase hydration, and nourish dry skin. Countless studies show that these products restore skin hydration levels of skin and reduce the symptoms of eczema and other skin conditions, such as itching and flaking.

4. Can I put a raw oatmeal mask on my face?

While it’s safe to put a raw oatmeal mask on your face, you will not experience the same benefits of a clinically formulated oatmeal mask. The most beneficial oatmeal masks utilize pure, pharmaceutical grade, colloidal, and water-soluble oatmeal, combined with other soothing humectants.