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This all-enhancing treatment for the face and décolleté is tailored to your unique skin type (oily, dry or combination). We cleanse, steam, hydrate, and massage your skin, removing any pesky blackheads as needed, and finish with a mask or two.  Our Essential Facial is a foundation upon which we built a fully personalized experience.  Depending on your specific skin needs we will further customize this treatment with additional enzyme, AHA or BHA peel, advanced masks, eye treatment, Multiwave LED light therapy, microdermabrasion and more. Our trained professionals will help you select the best products and treatments to meet your goals.  You will leave with your skin feeling refreshed, hydrated, and renewed.

For a fully customized experience, choose from the following add-ons:

Benefits of Upper West Spa Essential Facial:

Frequently Asked Questions About the Facial at UWS:

1. Is a facial good for your skin?

When performed by a master aesthetician, facials are excellent for your skin.


At Upper West Spa, facials are much more than simply relaxing experiences. They are highly customizable treatments that can improve a wide variety of skin conditions. Whether your skin is prone to acne, congestion, or you struggle with sensitivity and dehydration, a good facial will address your specific skin issues and goals. Our licensed aestheticians also provide detailed treatment plans, which help clients maintain their skin health long after leaving the spa.

2. What are 2 main benefits of getting a facial treatment?

The two main benefits of a facial treatment are:

  • For example: a client with congested pores may require deeper exfoliation and thorough extractions.
  • At Upper West Spa, our aestheticians create at-home treatment plans for each client, which teach them how to minimize or prevent addressed issues from recurring.

3. Who can benefit from facial treatments?

Regardless of gender, age, and skin type, anyone can benefit from facial treatments to keep their skin in the best possible condition. Facials are not simply about pampering, although this is certainly a bonus! Regular facials help “finetune” any skin concerns that arise as we age, enter new seasons, or make lifestyle changes. We can’t stop the clock, but we can face the world with healthier skin.