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Medical Aesthetics

Doctor Tae Ho Kim, a board certified New York plastic surgeon, is recognized as one of the top New York surgeons by US News and World Report. He has performed more than 5,000 operations in 17 years of academic and private practice.


After graduating from Cornell University with honors in Chemistry, he completed his medical education at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. His experience in Tissue Engineering at Harvard University not only solidified his general surgery training but allowed him to understand how biomaterials fit into modern techniques of plastic surgery.


Because of his scientific work with biomaterials such as hyaluronic acid (Juvaderm, Restylane, ect.) and polylactic acid (Sculptra), Dr. Kim has developed an algorithm for facial fillers to restore facial volume naturally without creating a distorted, swollen look.


Dr. Kim is available by appointments only and will be performing Botox, Voluma, Juvaderm and Sculptra among other injections. In order to secure the appointment with Dr. Kim we will charge $50 consultation fee that can be deducted later from the cost of your procedure.


Dr Kim uses only FDA approved injectables obtained from original, legal producers.